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Dog Word Magnets

301 Word Magnets (10 Blank):  Dogs are poets at heart. Words include standard conjunctions, pronouns, and prepositions, as well as special theme words including: Whistle, Lick, Howl, Mutt, Lovable, Bark, Fido, Ball, Companion, Fleas, Chew, Pet, Fur, Paws, Cuddle, Train, Drool, Leash, Bone, Terrier, Hyper, Pound, Scooper, Belly, Love, Hunt, Ears, Good, Chase, Pant, Best, Jump, Sleep, Tail-Wagger, Canine, Wild, Wag, Golden

Tile Style FF-OW:  Magnets are 5/16'' high (1/16'' smaller than Tile Style MP1) and use a plain dark orange/brown font on a white background.

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