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Paying with a credit card is always safer than other methods because nearly all card issuers will promptly refund any and all unauthorized charges back to your account (check with your credit card issuer for details).  Unauthorized charges generally occur when a card or its number is stolen, and shopping at a secure website is among the least likely ways for this to occur.  Transmitting your card over a secure internet connection is probably safer than reading it over a phone, and certainly safer than using it in store or restaurant.

Our site is secured by the same same state-of-the-art technology in place at leading banks and online retailers.  Don't take our word for it, your browser is designed to confirm this.  Look for the icon in the status bar along the bottom of your browser window after you press the button from the shopping cart window (to enable the status bar, select "Status Bar" from the "View" menu in Internet Explorer, or the "View", "Show/Hide" menu in Netscape).  

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